Our target clients are both international and local companies that have a business connection with Hong Kong and believe in doing well by doing good. Creative ad slogans and quotes from market leaders such as “Here for good”, “Think different”, “Time is love” and “Just do it” are not merely corporate advertisements; they provide a source of strength and emotional value in everyday life, prompting us to identify these brands in the fast paced marketplace. “One logo, one slogan ” helps push an idea and enhance a brand’s everlasting impact.

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  • URL Links to company's business and CSR
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    Ad fee is @HK$3000.- per insertion per year.
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    Good Deeds Build A Good Society

    Innomacs Creation Ltd. appreciates creative thinking and social innovation. We look forward to publishing diverse social innovation such as :
    - support waste reduction initiatives
    - sponsor sporting and cultural events etc.
    - help senior reintegrate meaningfully into society
    - donate software and time to train social workers
    - professional offer free consultation hours on innovative projects,

    Ad Incentive Scheme

    Advertiser's CSR campaign for Hong Kong community can be posted free. posting form