Innomacs Creation Ltd. is a licensing/advertising/digital integrated agency and owns its unique ad platform and intellectual property.
A platform to highlight and celebrate companies which encourage CSR and influence society in a positive manner. Ad labels showcasing individual company's' corporate motto, logo and CSR link are systematically classified and published here to raise the brand awareness. We intend our site to provide information and inspiration, strengthen the foundation for customer loyalty and foster community spirit for a better future in Hong Kong. For quick access, please click on header.

Innomacs' IP - words to share compassion and provide daily inspiration

We demonstrate some Innomacs ad quotes in specific category page to show our concept. They embrace traditional & pop culture, humanity, universal sentiments through the collection and creative adoption of Chinese idioms and proverbs in a contemporary sense.
Full range of Innomacs IP (intellectual property) can be viewed and licensed on our parent site.

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Target clients
International and local companies that believe in doing well by doing good and have business connection in Hong Kong. "One logo, one tagline" help push an idea and enhance memory of the brand.
Creative quotes from business leaders such as "Here for good, Think different, Time is love, Just do it" are not merely ad slogans, they provide source of strength and emotional value in our everyday life which prompt us to identify the brand in the fast paced market.

Our passion
Our founder Ms. Ruby M Yeung is passionate about classical literature, ancient wisdom, philosophy and modern technology. She aims to develop this innovative design business to upkeep traditional value for future generations and join hands with like-minded.

Our mission
Leaders in society are fully aware of the sustainability principle in business and eager to contribute to maintain the balance of the TBL.

We engage them to create ripple effect to impact on corporate behavior and meaningful changes socially and environmentally.

In the age of mobile, we engage visitors across the globe to appreciate the diversity of CSR and creative economy.

Three Bottom Line- TBL corporate motto