Let positive corporate spirit reach out for the greater good

This premium ad platform is created by Innomacs Creation Ltd. to encourage leisurely browsing by consumers and viewers, promote the business and social responsibility of companies with connection to Hong Kong. Ad labels highlighting corporate logos, motto or slogans with CSR links are showcased here, and can be easily shared across different mediums and devices. We aim to raise the brand profile, encourage ESG practices and provide consumer their shopping choices. We welcome you to place your ad label on our business directory to reach out for the greater good. Our company also create IC Slogans for ready adoption.

About ad label

A completed ad label includes 1) company logo 2) brand slogan or tagline 3) URL link of company's service
Vsitors will be able to click on the logo and view the corporate's ESG activities or its target landing page. The company/domain name will be shown under each ad label such as below. Furthermore, we create a CSR section to welcome advertising and provide participation channels and support for different categories of beneficiaries.

Workflow of our marketing plan

Leaders in society are fully aware of the principle of sustainability in business and are eager to improve their ESG value. We encourage them to promote positive corporate behavior which others will seek to emulate, creating a ripple effect which will lead to meaningful social and environmental changes for the long-term. In this digital age, we engage visitors across the globe to appreciate the diversity of CSR and the creative economy. Our work flow is shown below.

publish corporate motto
word responsibility
link to corporate social innovation
reach out for greater good
corporate spirit
IC advertising

Founder's vision

Innomacs Creation Ltd. was founded by Ruby M Yeung, known for her idea to fuse powerful and inspiring words with conceptual images through Chinese poetry and literature scenes. She has held managerial positions in notable organizations in the past. Combining her multimedia design skills with her passion, she has created a unique art form to reinvigorate cultural and social values. This is done through IP licensing, design service and online advertising. She aims to uphold traditional values for future generations and join hands to encourage positive participation in both environmental and social wellbeing .