"Words are the only things which last forever" -Winston Churchill

Innomacs Creation Ltd. is a mission-driven consulting agency. We provide a comprehensive online Ad platform using corporate slogans to raise brand awareness and affect meaningful changes socially and environmentally. We believe each company should have a corporate motto which would help shape its direction on how to serve the society and to do well by doing good. To access ad slogans directly, tap red arrow on header.

For corporate Clients
We feature your corporate motto /brand slogan and logo with a direct link to your specific CSR project or target page.
Your established ad label could be easily published across mediums and shared by your followers and incorporated in promotional products. We welcome you to Join us on our journey to inspire your customers and our readers.

For Readers and consumers

This is a intended place where you can get inspired and learn more about the values behind a brand and its products. we offer a seamless user experience. You could easily share the ad inspiration and emotion across other devices at special moments with friends and family too.

Our trademark - IC
advertising slogan
We treasure culture and traditional value. We aim to build a lasting legacy applying innovative design, concepts and expressions that are practical and universal. Get to know more about IC, click on this trademark.

Ad Concept
Creative quotes such as Here for good, Less is more, Just do it are not merely ad slogans. They provide energy and food for thought in our everyday life which prompt us to appreciate the brand in the fast paced market. The earlier an effective slogan is established, the better customers will be able to identify with the brand.

Our premium ad platform acts as a melting pot of design & culture, provides inspiration and convenience for our daily life.

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