"Words are the only things which last forever" -Winston Churchill
Innomacs Creation Ltd. is a mission-driven consulting agency. We provide a comprehensive online platform to publish and spread meaningful corporate mottoes and link to CSR initiatives.
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Corporate mottoes, logos and CSR links could be well kept here continuously to raise brand awareness and affect meaningful changes socially and environment & energyally.

We create slogans, tag lines, corporate mottoes for adoption
Our "IC -quotes" embrace traditional & pop culture, humanity, universal sentiments through the collection and creative adoption of Chinese and English idioms and proverbs in a contemporary sense. They can be emotive, sensual, funny, elegant, factual, intangible and inspirational that unleash the latent potential and qualities of our mental faculty and appeal to reader's emotion.
We demonstrate some of them in specific category page strategically and it could be crossed entities subject to individual preferences.

Other design services
We offer logo design, slogan copy writing, naming, translation, graphic design, product development and advertising materials adapting the same theme...view more

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Proposition of Innomacs
We use the creative tag line or Advertising slogan to add value to customer's brand, reinforce within company and inspire readers' daily life. We intend our site to provide information and leisure reading. We help build a deeper relationship with the brand through their commitment and strengthen the foundation for customer loyalty.

Target Market and client
International and local companies that believe in doing well by doing good. "One slogan, All countries". We look forward to joint participation on our journey.

Our vision
With the joint effort from business influencer all over the world, we could build good spirit in Hong Kong and across oceans, ages and backgrounds.

Our Mission - encourage CSR
Leaders in society are fully aware of the sustainability principle in business and eager to contribute to maintain the balance of the TBL. We engage them to create ripple effect to impact on corporate behavior and society. In the age of mobile, we engage visitors across the globe to appreciate the diversity of CSR and culture.

Three Bottom Line- TBL
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