"Words are the only things which last forever" -Winston Churchill

We aim to build a HK Business Directory using ad slogans to raise brand awareness and affect meaningful changes socially and environmentally. Please join us to show your corporate spirit.

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Creative quotes such as Here for good, Less is more, Just do it are not merely ad slogans. They provide energy and values in our everyday life which prompt us to appreciate the brand in the fast paced market. The earlier an effective slogan is established, the better customers will be able to identify with the brand.

Our site is a comprehensive branding platform that acts as a melting pot of culture and CSR. With spirited, deep-rooted passion, we endeavour to turn our directory a positive source for community and cultural growth.

The handy ad labels of different categories could be easily accessed on top of each page.

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We are passionate about culture and literature. We aim to build a lasting legacy applying innovative design, concepts and expressions that are practical and universal.

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we provide you with opportunity to feature your corporate motto, slogans and logo with a direct link to your specific website, video or project systematically. Our IC- quotes across different industries are for adoption. Your established ad slogan labels could be easily published across other devices and incorporated in promotional products.

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This is a place where you can get inspired and learn more about the values behind a brand and its products. we offer a seamless user experience. You could easily share the ad labels across other devices at special moments.

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