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Creative quotes such as HERE FOR GOOD, LESS IS MORE, LET'S DO IT are not merely ad slogans, they provide energy and values in our everyday life which prompt us to appreciate the brand in the real-time market. The earlier the effective slogan is established, the quicker the brand is identified.

For business clients, we display their slogans and logos, as well as providing related branding services.

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, we offer key information on Hong Kong companies, conveniently sorted into useful categories. To view their ads, simply click "the red tick" or our IC-trademark on the top bar and enjoy a seamless user experience. You are welcome to share our ad power via social media.

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Commercial ads come and go with the seasons. Our website allows an enduring digital presence of corporate image. Corporate motto, slogans and logos can be systematically displayed here linking to their target landing URL.

We are eager to showcase CSR, such as new technology to reduce paper usage, manage human capital, produce degradable products, environment friendly products, their solution with the enterprise regulation reform, welfare enhancement , decrease carbon emissions, provide education, quality of life, art & musical inspiration, cultural and sporting support etc.

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Our company Innomacs Creation Ltd. creates IC-quotes in different business category pages for adoption.. Please feel free to contact us and join us.


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